Jan 2024

24/1: New microblogging section!

Dec 2023

31/12: Hydroshiba's birthday party.

22/12: Went back and forth just to get a signature for Don Nhap Hoc Lai.

20/12: Got results for SCUDEM!

16/12: Travelled from Malaysia, to Singapore, and to Vietnam in 1 day.

12/12: Got a chauffeur and went around Johor Bahru for food and shows.

10/12: Checked out of NUS and moved to Malaysia.

9/12: Went to Chinatown and the National Museum of Singapore.

8/12: Went to the National Gallery of Singapore, and Little India.

7/12: Touring Nanyang Technological University, the Hive was a highlight.

6/12: Last final exam at NUS.

Nov 2023

28/11: DiscoverNUS debriefing meeting.

24/11: Got to meet prof Minh Tân over School of Science.

23/11: Exchange student grad school dinner party.

22/11: SoICT Poster be looking good.

7/11: NUS Exchange student farewell party.

4/11: Coffee chat with HCMUS alumnis at NUS.

1/11: Finished Learning how to Learn on Coursera.

Oct 2023

31/10: UTown Halloween event.

18/10: HCMUS-GDSC application interviews.

3/10: Finally got Network Flow algorithms.

Sep 2023

2/9: Hiking with NUS & PTNK alums.

Aug 2023

30/8: SoC Career Fair with huge companies.

20/8: Finally found Blahaj.

12/8: Sentosa Beach with VNCNUS!

9/8: Singapore Independence Day festivities.

6/8: Made it to Singapore!

Jun 2023

15/6: Fell on the bus during the chorus of MAGO (Gfriend).

Apr 2023

17/4: I'm a published author at 20!

16/4: HCMUS Career Fair and Thách Thức finale was a blast!

14/4: Flopped Sun Life's Sun Bright application on the 4th round.

8/4: Google Women Techmaker Networking event.

Mar 2023

8/3: 7th place for Thách Thức 2023's qualifier.