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Yang Tuan Anh

APCS21 @ VNUHCM - University of Science

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Hello there! I grew up in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and currently a sophomore at the VNUHCM - University of Science . I am now looking for internships and research opportunities in the fields of Software Engineering, Machine Learning and Project Management that will allow me to apply my programming, project management, and creative expertise to the professional sphere. I have a background in Computer Science and have managed student-run organizations.

Currently, I am working as a Software Engineer for LEAN Social, an edutech startup and a Teaching Assistant for STEAM For Vietnam.


2003Born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
2018Started high school at the VNU-HCM High school for the Gifted
2021Started Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at the VNUHCM - University of Science, Advanced Program in Computer Science
2022Interned in Fullstack Engineering at Tiki
2022Worked at LEAN Social
2023Interned in Algorithmic Design at Autonomous Inc.
2023Offered the NUS ASEAN Master's Scholarship
2024Worked as a Research Assistant at HySonLab & Dao HyperAI Lab

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Software Engineering, Machine Learning, Competitive Programming, Mathematics, Art, Music, Languages